Staff Profiles

The Centenary staff exemplifies team ministry at its best.  We are different parts of the body with equal value.  We depend on other parts of the body.  We build our leadership around primarily part-time positions, which means that most of us actively maintain work and interests in a variety of other fields.  The resources joined together by a team of professionals including everything from a video producer to an educator to a pastoral counselor are vast.  We are each grateful for the opportunity to serve together at Centenary!

Dr. Tim Bagwell


While serving as the lead pastor at Centenary, Tim also works full time as the Director of New and Revitalized Congregational Development for South Georgia. In this position, he starts new churches, works with transitional congregations, and oversees Methodist Hispanic churches, consulting with anywhere from 30 to 40 different congregations at any given time.

Tim holds degrees from Oxford College of Emory University, American University, and the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. His Doctor of Ministry degree is from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary at Northwestern University. The son of a United Methodist pastor, Tim has been involved with many congregations in South Georgia and has served several as pastor, including Martha Bowman Memorial UMC in Macon and Porterfield UMC in Albany.

Tim and his wife, Susan, have two children: John lives and works in Washington, D.C. and Emily works in Rome, Georgia. The Bagwell's dog, a miniature schnauzer, was adopted from the Humane Society. Because she was a lonely dog, Tim and Susan named her Eleanor Rigby (after a Beatles song about a lonely woman).

While consulting with Centenary, God spoke to Tim's heart and gave him the feeling that he was supposed to be at Centenary.  His visionary leadership, enthusiasm for his work, and his unique abilities as a pastor and preacher have left an indelible mark on Centenary Church.  Tim says that Centenary, because it is about community and relationships, is one of his great



Beth Dunwody

Director of Worship and Communications

 Beth juggles her responsibilities at Centenary with her job as a Producer for Bright Blue Sky Productions, a business she co-owns with her husband, Elliott. Bright Blue Sky specializes in long format high definition video production, a field that has allowed Beth to master the art of creative storytelling. Her creativity and her dramatic approach to worship and communication have made her a valuable asset to the staff and the worshiping life of Centenary.

Growing up, Beth lived in California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Washington, but moved to Macon when she married Elliott and has lived here ever since. She and Elliott have three children; a son, Elliott, who lives and works in California, and two daughters, Ashley and Mary Katherine, who both live in Macon and attend college. Beth describes herself as a "recovering banker" and has also previously worked as a communications consultant and as a worship leader at Martha Bowman UMC in Macon. She enjoys cooking, writing, reading, and gardening.

Beth describes Centenary as, "the most honest church I have ever been part of." At Centenary, Beth helps plan and lead the worship services and also shares in the responsibility for preaching in Sunday morning worship services. She believes that, "our expressions of worship are central to defining who we are and what we are about."


Rev. Jerry Elder

Minister of Music and Creative Ministry

If you hand Jerry an instrument, he can probably play it, teach you to play it, and write music for it. A talented musician, minister, teacher, and conductor, Jerry brings a breadth of expertise to his role on the Centenary staff. Having grown up in the Atlanta area, Jerry has earned degrees from Brewton Parker College, Samford University, and a Master of Church Music from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was ordained a Minister in First Baptist Church of Conyers in 1982.


Jerry has served the music and youth ministries of several churches across Georgia including, most recently, Leesburg UMC. He has worked extensively in music education on the college level, including the design of a Certificate in Church Music program at Darton College in Albany, Georgia.

Jerry and his wife, Phyllis, have two sons: Philip and Nathan. Both of Jerry's sons occasionally offer their own musical leadership in worship services at Centenary. Jerry's passion for ministry through small groups of people studying and learning together is evident in the Adult Bible Study he leads and through his coordination of seasonal church-wide small group experiences. His ability to blend a variety of traditions into the music at Centenary adds an important dimension to our worship together.

Eric Mayle

Director of Centenary Community Ministries, Inc

Eric Mayle is  the new Director of Justice, Outreach, and Education Ministries (including Executive Director of CCMI).    He also works with student ministry, works with college students, coordinates hospital visits, and grows our Adult Education program.  Eric has 3 years experience in case work in mental health, illness management and recovery, and homelessness.  He is also a graduate of Candler School of Theology at Emory University.


Norris Fleming


 A native of Macon, Norris has served at Centenary since 1998 and has always lived in the Beall's Hill neighborhood surrounding the church. Norris is responsible for the day-to-day care of Centenary's grounds and facilities and he works hard to keep everything at Centenary looking and functioning at its best. Norris' past experiences have included housekeeping and custodial roles at large grocery stores and a local hospital. He was the bell captain at the former Hilton hotel in downtown Macon and can tell many a story about some of the visiting singers and celebrities he met while working there.

When he's not at work, Norris enjoys walking his two dogs, Bo and Precious. He likes to visit friends, cook (he can barbeque a mean turkey wing!), watch TV, and just relax. Norris is faithful to care for Centenary as well as individuals in the neighborhood, who rely on him for help in a variety of situations.

Norris chooses to work at Centenary because he says it's like a home. "They treat me like family and look out for me," he says. He feels as though he contributes a lot to Centenary by helping people around the church who, in turn, are helping others. Considering just his help cleaning up each Sunday after we serve a breakfast for 300 people, we would sure have to agree!


Talisa Hanson

Church Administrator

Talisa joined Centenary Church as a teenager and has been an active (and we mean active!) member of the congregation for many years, faithfully holding fast to God's vision for Centenary through some very lean years. Feeling a sense of call to deeper service at Centenary, Talisa left her job as a Kindergarten paraprofessional at Rosa Taylor Elementary School in 2006 to join our staff. Officially, Talisa is our church administrator, though we all know her better as our quarterback. Coordinating the work of the staff, most of whom are part time and work from other offices is no small task.

Talisa also provides an important ministerial presence in the church office for those who may come by with needs during the week. Her longtime involvement at Centenary lends a helpful perspective and her creativity and passion set the bar for the rest of us.

Married to Dennis Hanson, they have two sons: Denny and Joseph. She loves the beach, and also enjoys digital photography, watching Denny play music, watching Joseph play ultimate frisbee , and traveling with Dennis.

Talisa has a hard time putting into words her role at Centenary. She says, "All I know is that I know I was called to this sort of ministry and I love doing it." Which is good, because we couldn't do it without her!



Joel Kitchens

Financial Administrator




Jack Castle

Building Superintendent