April 4, 2012

Dear Centenary friends,

During the time of Homer, Greek sailors never sailed out of sight of land.  They hugged the coast because their reality maps told them that any sea-going ship would be lost if sight of the coast disappeared.  Reality maps can cause fear and limited vision.

European sailors navigated by reality maps that stated the world was flat.  If you sailed too far, you would fall off the edge of the world.  Christopher Columbus (and others) changed all that.  But even Columbus' reality map was way off because when he landed in the New World, he thought he was in India.

Galileo was shunned, branded a heretic, and placed under house arrest BY THE CHURCH because he dared to suggest that the earth orbited the sun.  The church's reality map was that the sun orbited the earth.  The church has an incredibly difficult time with shifting reality maps.  Challenging the reality maps of the church can be dangerous!  It certainly was for Galileo. 

Easter upsets our reality map because Easter is not primarily about history.  Peter Gomes says, "Easter is not just about Jesus... it's about YOU.  Jesus has already claimed his new life.  What about you?  Easter is not just about the past, it's about the future.  Your best days are ahead of you.  The proof of the resurrection is in your hands and in your life." 

That, my friends, is a completely different reality map.  Kirk Byron Jones:  "Handling the resurrection is challenging; being handled by the resurrection is even more challenging." 

This Sunday, Easter, we are looking at our reality maps.  Join us!  Bring family and friends...  I will be preaching about God's Covenant with US


Our Maundy Thursday service on Thursday, April 5,  7 p.m., will be radically different.  (This is the day during Holy Week when we traditionally remember the Last Supper Jesus had with the disciples, prior to the crucifixion.)  During this service, which we are calling "Maundy, Maundy", (pun intended), there will be no sermon.  What?  No sermon?  You heard right – No sermon.  Music will take us through the experience of the Last Supper...  Come sit and be blessed by the music of Joe Cocker, John Hiatt, Sarah McLaughlin, Sly and the Family Stone, Elton John, Richie Havens, Linda Ronstadt, Glen Campbell, Neil Young, Tracy Chapman, Dan Fogelberg, Leonard Cohen, and James Taylor.  We are inviting the community.  This is something that will be talked about... you don't want to miss this service of worship.  Thursday evening of this week!


Thank you to those who helped with the Egg Hunt and Picnic last Sunday!


Congratulations to the Centenary/Rodeo Beach soapbox derby team.  The team finished 4th out of 22 entrants.  Jack Castle designed and built the car.  Christyanne Gaspar was the driver.  Well done!

Grace and peace.

Tim Bagwell

Love God.  Love Others.  Love Yourself.  Serve