April 15, 2010

Dear Centenary Friends,

 ?Who Is Jesus Really?? has been our theme in worship since January.   No doubt there are many misconceptions about Jesus.  Sometimes the church is a party to and even a perpetrator of those misunderstandings.  Perhaps Jesus needs to be saved, sometimes, from the church! 

In this series we have taken a step back.  Who is this man?  How did God work through and in him?  How can the living presence of Jesus form us?  What values did he hold that make us feel uncomfortable?  Why are we uncomfortable?  Who is Jesus calling us to be?  What is Jesus calling us to do?

Following Jesus is more than believing a set of propositional statements.  To let Jesus loose in our lives changes the way we encounter the world.  Paul writes about having the ?mind of Christ.?  That means that our faith molds our lives and the decisions we make.  Our encounter with Jesus influences our relationships and sends us into the world to serve. 

This Sunday, we will be finishing the series about Jesus.  I am preaching a sermon titled, ?I Love To Tell the Story.?  I hope that you will be present with your faith family as we reflect on this Jesus-journey. 

Grace and peace,

Tim Bagwell

Love God.  Love Others.  Love Yourself.  Serve.